Willie E. Balentine

Willie E. Balentine

My Great Grandfather was Bill Balentine. He told numerous tales that found their way into oral history. Apparently he had a grand sense of humor. I have heard that he…


I do Instagram for my business. Whenever I learn something for my business, as soon as I am comfortable with it, I run to my genealogy screaming, “Hey look what I can do with you!!!” So here is my Allen Gazette Instagram…. soon to be loaded with really cool family photos. https://instagram.com/theallengazette/

Old Photos

Apartment,1st, Xmas

As the years pass, my appreciation grows for old photos.These photos were taken in 1959. It isn’t simply the people portrayed in the photo but the background. Photos show us the wallpaper, the drapes, furniture, toys and such that provide us windows into the lives of those in the photo. And how many places required…

Family Patterns of Death

William Balentine and grandson Fred cm

My Great Grandmother, Laura, died leaving 6 children under 10 years old. Upon researching, I discovered that her mother, Mary Hutchins, died leaving her children at young ages as well. Mary Hutchin’s mother died in the Great Boston Fire, leaving her child motherless. Unable to identify Mary’s mother, we don’t know if that is where…

The Bedford Flag


I have always said that it is an amazing gift to have tangible pieces of our past preserved for us. My Great,Great,Great,Great,Great,Great Grandfather Nathaniel Page carried the first flag into an American battle and that flag is preserved in the Bedford, Massachusetts Library where he lived. After decades of wanting to see it for myself,…

Page Family Homestead Article in The Sunday Herald, 1901.

Sunday Herald 1901 Bedford Home photo 001

Discovered in the Parker/Allen Bible was found this newspaper clipping. It is from The Sunday Herald-Boston, dated August 11, 1901. It is entitled, Historic House at Bedford and is rich with details regarding the Page Family homestead in Bedford, Massachusetts. What I find worth noting is that the presence of this article demonstrated that he…