John Kingman

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Surprisingly, I find people that do not research their maternal ancestors. I don’t know how you leave those stones unturned, And it’s not necessarily true that you wont find history written on them. Massachusetts Quilting.. I was browsing only as I love quilting and like a gift from the heavens, I saw a quilt by Deborah Hobart. It mentions a…

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Writing the book

Finally I am formatting the book I hope to write. Although I will provide documentation, I will abandon the well known version of formatted genealogy with lineages and dates. I intend on taking my gathered facts and research and instead write them out narratively. Instead of sharing my enthusiasm, I have watched non-researchers stare blankly at gathered lineages. I have…

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Organizing Research

Over the years, I have chanced upon so many ways to organize research.There are websites, groups, books, and such to teach organization. I have also found lots of archival quality storage containers to help me. I long to be the most perfect student of all these things. I am not. My budget afford me a cheap file tub. I dream…

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