Celebrating The Allen Gazette, 100 years old!

I was researching this weekend and when I came upon my original copy of The Allen Gazette, I noted the date, 1917. It is 100 years old! This was written by my Great, Great, Great Grandparents and for my Grandchildren, it’s 5 Greats. I have one original copy that my Grandmother saved for me.

I am excited. My copy is 100 years old!

If you aren’t familiar, The Allen Gazette was written by the Allen Family as a family newspaper. All of it is written in sarcasm, which was apparently their base language. It is themed in dry witted humor with a tendency to mock the English language.It is am amazing peephole into their lives and voices. I consider this one of my greatest treasures entrusted to me. Few people have such resource into the personalities of their ancestors.

It you read the Gazette beginning to end, you gain a good insight into their personalities and playfulness with each other. Here is a link to the post containing the original typed version I provided here.




The Original Allen Gazette


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