This blog is my work of love and promise to my Grandmother. I promised her that I would continue her work of exploring and recording our family history. She taught me what to do and how to record the information. I hope she is proud of me.  She thought I would one day write a book of our history. Times have changed and a book is definitive, in that you must  mark a point in which you are done. I cannot imagine ever being done, ever feeling completed. I love playing detective, researching and hunting down information. Lucky for me, I have an alternative to writing a book as we now have blogs in which to record. We have Google maps with which we can locate addresses of ancestral homes. Add digital cameras and the easy way we upload photos, and I feel confident my grandmothers would be quite impressed with the information available to us.

This blog serves as an open notebook, where I am transcribing my notes, charts and photos of my past. I have created category pages to the left. I am picking away at them, adding information, pictures, and links. I have boxes and notebooks upon notebooks, filled with the results of hours upon hours of library work. They will all eventually be completed here.

Within this blog, you will find that I write letters to my Grandmother, it is my way of continuing my conversation with her. I miss my genealogy adventures with her.
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P.S. The photo in the upper corner is not of my grandmother, Sarah Balentine who gave me my love of genealogy. It is of her mother, my Great Grandmother, Inez Allen Kohler. Inez was the one who wanted her children to have an appreciation of their past. She treasured it and had no modern conveniences to help her. Each generation that came after, had less interest and Sarah feared all would be lost forever. Sarah and her sister Eunice drafted me as family historian. They taught me everything and gave me what photos and papers they had stashed away in safe keeping. As I learned to fly with my own wings in this new passion, they both assured me that  Great Grammy Inez would be thrilled to know she had a great grand daughter out there researching family details. Eunice once said to me, ” I never wonder where my mother is, I know she’s in the back of your car, thrilled to be heading for a day with you at the Mayflower Society library. Trust me, she’s right there beside you”.

We all wanted Inez to be proud of this work, so for all of us, I put Inez’s photo in the upper corner so she can be looking over this work that is a tribulation to her love of family history.

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