The Royals

Researching can take painstakingly tiny steps. Every link can take hour to years to document or prove. it can feel like you crawl inch by inch. Then once in awhile you encounter a published family account and this can speed you up incredibly. This is what happens when you hit Royalty.

Royalty has always documented itself. In discovering my Royalty line, I find I am drawing bounderies in my research. I am not flying to England or France to verify information. I will remain here in my comfy chair at the computer and consider the enormous amount of Royal information to be true. I don’t know what I would prove passed the work of others in this case.

Wiki has some great pages devoted to each of them. I provided the Wiki links to each Royal and the reading is an eye opener.  The wives were incredibly surprising. I think I had a preconceived idea of the wives sitting pretty on a throne being doted on their every wish. No, they were a lot of fun.

My favorite is Eleanor of Aquitaine. She led armies in the Crusades. Somehow I doubt she was riding sidesaddle. She also had her marriage annulled, citing that she produced no sons for her husband. How commendable for her to simply bow out. Interestingly, she married King Henry 2 of England 8 weeks later. Somehow I suspect they had already met before the annulment. Interesting woman, my Ancestral grandmother.

I hope you enjoy reading the Royalty page on this blog. I have also added the lineage for cousin bait. Love finding cousins. I have not added the lineage as yet to the lineage program on this blog. But you can get started with the Royalty page here.




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