Zaccheus Gould and Me

It can be hard to feel a connection to your Ancestral grandparents. That is why I adore finding physical connections to their lives. When I find a home that they lived in, I can point it out and say, “That’s where they lived. They were really here. It’s more than a name and date on a piece of paper!”

I had already followed my family tree to John Wildes. I descend from his first wife, Priscilla Gould. He soon remarried, Sara and that wife was hung as a witch. John married a third time, to a woman whose husband had been hung as a witch.

Fascinated with the Witch trials, I learned I came from near 6, I think, important families from that era and I spent my time checking out those facts. I overlooked Priscilla, John’s first wife.

Running into cousins online, I fell into some wonderful information. Priscilla Gould was daughter to Zaccheus Gould. He was a founder of Topsfield,Massachusetts and his home still stands. This is incredibly significant as I now have yet another family home still standing. This makes five homes standing that I have found so far. All are on the national register.

Zaccheus Gould’s home in Topsfield,Massachusetts, click here.

He is my 9 Greats, Grandfather. And I can’t wait to go take a peak and a picture of this home.


Here is my Lineage.

Susannah Allen > Ruth Balentine > Sara Kohler > Inez (Allen) Kohler > Mary (Page) Allen >John Page Jr. > Mary (Newcomb) Page > Capt John Newcomb > Ebenezer Newcomb > Sara (Wildes) Hayden > Priscilla (Gould) Wild > Zaccheus Gould



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