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I read wonderful blogs where the author has researched and then written story after story, reporting all sorts of interesting information for the reader. I long to be that author. But reality sets me apart. I work more than full time, live alone and my research is my passion that is saved for those lone moments of quiet, typically in…

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Ruth Stetson

[add_pedigree id = “565”] [spouses id = “565”]     Wife of Capt. Nehemiah Randall, age 74, G.R.14. About her Gravesite…

Sara Curtis

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Samuel Clapp

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Nehemiah Randall

[add_pedigree id = “558”] [spouses id = “558”]   About his gravesite…  

Sara Clapp

[add_pedigree id = “556”] [spouses id = “556”] Information gathered from Scituate Vital Records

Samuel Randall

[add_pedigree id = “555”] [spouses id = “555”]   Information gathered from Scituate Vital Records.

Dyer Memorial Library

I discovered the Dyer Memorial Library in Abington, Massachusetts last week. I grew up within miles of it but never visited. As an adult, once my addiction to family history took hold, I sought out places that were good for research. I had heard of the Dyer Memorial, I meant to visit and explore its contents but until last week,…

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Mount Vernon Cemetery

I was able to visit Massachusetts this weekend and if any of you are family history buffs, you will know that rarely does a trip not include a stroll through a cemetery. New England┬áCemeteries are gorgeous in the fall. Leaves cover the ground, trees light with color and old trees stand as they have for hundreds of years…well, at least…

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