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The Jacob Allen House

Today, researchers have not only the internet to help us find details, facts and information but we have the internet to find support, friends and groups of like minded comrades to help us grow and become what we hoped to become. I was blessed with that experience of late. In 2017, year my research stalled due to lack of time.…

Page Family Homestead Article in The Sunday Herald, 1901.

Discovered in the Parker/Allen Bible was found this newspaper clipping. It is from The Sunday Herald-Boston, dated August 11, 1901. It is entitled, Historic House at Bedford and is rich with details regarding the Page Family homestead in Bedford, Massachusetts. What I find worth noting is that the presence of this article demonstrated that he Allen’s valued this information and…

The Lincoln Family

My Grandfather, who poo-pooed genealogy, has some pretty interesting lines.  My Grandmother wanted me to trace Grampy’s line whether he wanted it or not.(hehe) So whenever I find something interesting, I know Grammy is cheering me on. My Grampy, Alfred Balentine, descends from the Famous Lincoln family of Hingham, Mass.  We actually come from three brothers of the same Lincoln…

The Whipple House

I finally got my visit to The Whipple Home in Ipswich, Massachusetts. This is the home of my Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandparents Elder John and Susannah Whipple.It is a historic colonial house at 53 South Main Street in Ipswich, Massachusetts. Built in the seventeenth century, the house has been open to the…

Old Burial Hill

I am putting together my summer Family History Tour. Another place I have chosen is Marblehead, Mass. I descend from Rev. William Walton and his daughter Elizabeth. Old Burial Hill is the location of his church. I am excited to check out the location for myself. I looked at photos online and it is so incredibly picturesque. I can’t wait…

Exploring my Whitman Family Line

I was able to explore my lineage in Bridgewater, Mass. Well, I explored to a degree, not as deeply as I hoped but as with any lineage, it is an on-going journey. I do know that I descend from the Whitman family.

In my travels so far, I was able to find out that I descend from Thomas Whitman. He built one of the first homes and the very first mill in East Bridgewater, Mass. I found that original site of The Whitman Family Mill. Adding to this enthusiastic find, I also discovered the street that it parallels is named Whitman Street. It is a side street off Route 18 in East Bridgewater, Mass. I have take a photo to help make discovery easier. You can see the photo below of the street signs.

I also discovered that the Indian,Massasoit, sold a large lot of land to the Pilgrims. The Pilgrims then sold the most northern section to the Byram family ,also an ancestral Grandfather. This land is found across the road from Peaceful Meadows in Whitman, Mass. I was not able to find markers to indicate home sites but the general area is adjacent to Route 18, across from Peaceful Meadows. I hope to find more definitive borders.

I also discovered that the next section of land south of this was sold to Thomas Whitman, son of John Whitman the immigrant whom landed in Weymouth, Mass.Thomas married Abigail Byram and then built a home and the first mill in Bridgewater.Mass. They were then the first two settlers in East Bridgewater, Mass.

Interestingly, during King Philips’s war in 1676, the Indians burned all 9 homes except Byram’s,. He owned a large amount of apple orchards and sold apple cider to the Indians. It is assumed that this is the reason the Indians did not hurt him.

I was able to find the Whitman Family Mill site.  I took photos. I also found that East Bridgewater has created an official stone for the site of the land sale between Pilgrims and Massasoit.

I continue to search and confirm facts.

The gallery below shows photos of two sites; the Sachem Rock Farm and The Whitman Mill, they are located nearly 1/2 mile apart in East Bridgewater, Mass. Click on a photo to see it enlarged with information.


The Job Lane House

Located at 295 North Road (Route 4), Bedford, Ma Active Museum Tours: 2nd and 4th Sunday, May to October, 2-4 PM The Job Lane House is owned by the Town of Bedford and managed by the Bedford Historic Preservation Commission. The Friends of the Job Lane House conduct tours and run events such as the annual Colonial Craft Faire; they…

General Israel Putnam House

The General Israel Putnam House in Danvers, Massachusetts is recorded in the National Register of Historic Places. The house is also sometimes known as the Thomas Putnam House after Lt. Thomas Putnam (1615-1686), who built the home circa 1648. His grandson, Israel Putnam, the famous general of the American Revolution, was born in the house. Lt. Thomas Putnam was the…

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