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Dyer Memorial Library

I discovered the Dyer Memorial Library in Abington, Massachusetts last week. I grew up within miles of it but never visited. As an adult, once my addiction to family history took hold, I sought out places that were good for research. I had heard of the Dyer Memorial, I meant to visit and explore its contents but until last week,…


I do Instagram for my business. Whenever I learn something for my business, as soon as I am comfortable with it, I run to my genealogy screaming, “Hey look what I can do with you!!!” So here is my Allen Gazette Instagram…. soon to be loaded with really cool family photos. https://instagram.com/theallengazette/

Old Photos

As the years pass, my appreciation grows for old photos.These photos were taken in 1959. It isn’t simply the people portrayed in the photo but the background. Photos show us the wallpaper, the drapes, furniture, toys and such that provide us windows into the lives of those in the photo. And how many places required a doily? TV trays….where did…

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