Category: Carolyn’s Letters

Caroline Lucinda Parker was born in Stoneham, Ma., December 20, 1837. She married John Page of Quincy on January 17, 1859, when she was 22 years old. They lived initially in Woburn where their first child was born, Mary Caroline Page, December 25, 1861,of whom we descend.They later moved to Quincy and had one more daughter. They owned a large Cape house with a barn in the main road. John made his living as a Tanner in the barn. Caroline died in the house of Pneumonia on February 15, 1966, when she was 29. Mary was five years old at the time with a 2 year old sister. John remarried and two more children were born. Mary was said to be a frisky, independent, intelligent girl. The letters were written in the year before she died. The originals were given to the Historical Society, of which they now have no record. Grammy did make copies and it is from these that I transcribe what was written in them. I have italicized the words of which I am unsure.

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