Old Photos

As the years pass, my appreciation grows for old photos.These photos were taken in 1959. It isn’t simply the people portrayed in the photo but the background. Photos show us the wallpaper, the drapes, furniture, toys and such that provide us windows into the lives of those in the photo. And how many places required a doily? TV trays….where did they go? When did we stop being so gracious and start eating on our laps. Why did they go away? I would love a set.

Pamela 1st Xmas,

I remember the baby furniture. Remember we didn’t strap babies down? Remember big rattles? Remember the hidden vinyl bath under the top of the baby changer? How did they empty that thing and why did they find that handier than the bathtub itself?

Pamela 3 months 001

Holidays offer us the biggest chance that there were photos taken. Here we can see not only the TV of the time, but remember Doilies and Antennas?  I remember there was a doily on top of every wooden surface. TV was free back then.

Apartment,1st, Xmas

I still love a good wallpaper. When I see all the white sheetrocked walls, I miss design, I miss real drapes, color and co-ordinates. And didn’t nearly every living room have a candy dish for visitors? I love having a way to know where we have been in home style as well as the gene pool.


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