Organizing Research

Over the years, I have chanced upon so many ways to organize research.There are websites, groups, books, and such to teach organization. I have also found lots of archival quality storage containers to help me. I long to be the most perfect student of all these things. I am not.

My budget afford me a cheap file tub. I dream of better. I do have hanging files for it, again I dream of archival quality. I also dream of a well crafted plan to sustain all my collected data. That will come when I am retired. It is on the growing to do list.

In the meantime, I have stumbled upon this single afternoon with nothing else pressing me to action. I have stolen away from my daily life a bit to dive head first into tags, folders, papers and my cheap file box.

File box and folders

I am ecstatic for organization. If nothing else, I can name folders, into which I can place lone papers, assorted documents, certificates, letters and well, everything I have in heaps and piles.  To a clothes conscious person, nothing is more sacred than an extreme walk in closet system, to a researcher, nothing is more exciting than folders and tags.

By this days end, I will be without assorted piled and collections and have only this cheap plastic tub. My tub and I will be happy together, we will be in our places, easily found and will cause my research to continue on a more even path, never having to repeat myself, never lost for data. No longer will I look like an episode of Genealogical Hoarders…..if there was such a thing.

I’m off to begin.


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