Dyer Memorial Library

I discovered the Dyer Memorial Library in Abington, Massachusetts last week. I grew up within miles of it but never visited. As an adult, once my addiction to family history took hold, I sought out places that were good for research. I had heard of the Dyer Memorial, I meant to visit and explore its contents but until last week, I had not.

Dyer Memorial Library

It was wonderful. Now it will be one of my go-to places. It is near to my friends whom I visit. It is easy to get there. They have a welcoming atmosphere, great parking, and  are located very near to coffee.

I have to add the word,welcoming again. If you have researched in many a library you know that “welcoming” varies greatly, all the way to very unwelcoming. The Dyer Memorial is one of those incredibly welcoming, happy to see you, can’t wait to help you, places that we researchers know to be a gem. Go there, you will fall in love with it.


I was able to take over a big wooden table, laying out layers of books to cross reference data. They had everything I needed, town vitals, family histories, maps, just everything I wanted. I broke my Randall wall there, that was very exciting. I now know that I have even more ancestors from Scituate. It is really fun to find you descend from founders of towns that always drew you to them. No wonder I always felt a connection.

Dyer Memorial Library books

I love that in today’s world, I only need a phone to copy my information. I can say that no harm came to any book binding due to my time spent on a copy machine.

Whenever I visit friends in this area, I will be standing at the Dyer’s front door for 1:00 waiting for them to open. For researchers, it’s a great place that supports and cares about this addiction.

The Dyer Memorial Library

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