Poking my Head up.

I had a wonderful vacation with a friend. I enjoyed touring around family history posts.  And when I returned, as typical of many vacations, I was hit hard with things that needed my attention. So all my wonderful vacation photos, my wonderful notes on family history were set aside while I played catch up.

Now I have caught up and have poked my head back into my family history. Has it been over a month??? Good God, it has and I am saddened with a renewed respect that how easily things can drift away if we are not mindful of what we are doing.

And my genealogy is not just a summer vacation of visited places. I have piles of written letters and text from ancestors to share. I have boxes of photos to share, essays written, stories to tell and items that need to be photographed and shared. It is wonderful that my family preserved so much history. It is also my job to share and preserve that history. It is a job that could be easily full time. And being a single women who works two jobs to survive, I remind myself that if I do nothing else, this is what I leave behind, this body of work is what is important.(Ok after my children).

It may not seem important to everyone. It may even seem trivial. But someone, somewhere down the line will care and that will validate what I pass on. Just like the generations before worried that it would all disappear into the wind. I have snagged it.They gave me a branch to covet and I do so. So with a winter schedule in place, I press onward.

My revised plan is to make a few lists. I will list the items that I have to share, I will list the photo albums waiting to be scanned and I will list the stories waiting to be written. It is so much easier to work from a list, rather then the random grabbing of something and tossing it up onto the internet.

I am also listing the most prominent ancestors. I want to write out the lineage to them and send copies to the next generation. I want them to know from whom the descend. That is what Grammy wanted and that is what I promised.

And then if I can mange to update my memberships in organizations so others can join, and update more lineage information on my blog, that is good,too. Grammy, I continue to try to do my job. You would have a blast with all this time frame has to offer.

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