No, not a driveway, this is one of the roads that line the neighborhood of Marblehead village. I have never seen roads lined with stone walls. I was quite impressed.


My search for Rev.Walton took me to Marblehead, Massachusettes. What a beautiful town!The streets are lines with gorgeous old homes that I have seemingly stood for hundreds of years.


Lawns are speckled with well tended gardens, outlined with fences and stone.


Being a harbor town, the ocean is readily available for viewing. The sound of the water fills the air as well as the seagulls that inhabit the shoreline.


Impressive are the homes that sit amongst the rocky shore and pines.Homes are sites with such reverence for the land.



I have never seen stone walls as impressive as these.


Some of the roads were very narrow as they wound through rows of old homes.


From a great height I was able to take this photo of Marblehead village and harbor.  Isn’t this amazing? I want to live here!


It is certainly one of my very favorite towns to visit. And can you see the gravestones in the bottom right hand corner of the photograph? They are what brought me to Marblehead, which I explain in my next post.

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