The Bedford Flag

I have always said that it is an amazing gift to have tangible pieces of our past preserved for us. My Great,Great,Great,Great,Great,Great Grandfather Nathaniel Page carried the first flag into an American battle and that flag is preserved in the Bedford, Massachusetts Library where he lived. After decades of wanting to see it for myself, I finally got to go.

The Library is very good at this exhibition. There are signs everywhere and they kindly point you in the right direction. The flag is kept in a special tiny room, oxygen controlled. It is under glass in this darkened room. Now that I have a better camera I was able to photograph without a flash and still get a reasonable shot.


Outside the little room the hall has its walls covered with information regarding the flag. It is a wonderful exhibit. I felt pleased that the trip was so worth it.

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Here is the website, also nicely done to help you with information regarding a visit. The Bedford Flag.

Here is my lineage to Nathaniel Page, my Grandpa who played such an important role in that first battle on April 19, 1775 at the age of 33 years old. I should also mention that he wasn’t alone, his Dad, brothers, cousins and uncles, all fought in the same battle for our freedom. It makes me proud of my heritage.

Susannah > Ruth Balentine,b.1939 > Sara Kohler b. 1920 > Inez Allen, b. 1889 > Mary Page, B. 1861 > John Page Jr.,B.1834 > John Page Sr.,b.1810 > Benjamin Page,b.1781 > Nathaniel Page,b. 1742

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