Family Patterns of Death

My Great Grandmother, Laura, died leaving 6 children under 10 years old. Upon researching, I discovered that her mother, Mary Hutchins, died leaving her children at young ages as well. Mary Hutchin’s mother died in the Great Boston Fire, leaving her child motherless. Unable to identify Mary’s mother, we don’t know if that is where the pattern started. But through my great Grandmother Laura, we have 3 generations in a row where the Mother died leaving motherless children.

Now, lets look at Laura’s husband. My Great Grandfather, Bill Balentine’s mother died when he was 10. His son and namesake, Bill Jr, had his Mom die at 10 years old. Bill’s father, Elijah, had his mother die when he was 4 years old, and his father Elijah Sr, had his mother die when he was 2. That is 4 generations in a row where the mother died leaving motherless children.

So we have 3 lines of motherless girls marry into 4 lines of motherless sons.

When I started my dive into family history, the genealogists that I happened to met along the way warned me of patterns.Look for them, they said as they would make for the best stories.

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