Carolyn’s Letter #4 Apr. 23, 1865

Quincy, April 23rd, 1865

Dear Sister,

I suppose  you are expecting a letter before but I have not had time to write for I am alone now and any time is pretty well taken up. Emily’s sister is dead and was buried today. She died last Thursday of inflammation of the brain and I don’t know yet whether Emily will come back or not.

We are all well. The baby is asleep in the cradle and John is asleep in his chair. Mamie is sitting up to the table playing with some bits of paper and calling then little chickens in the grass!

There has not been much going on here this week on account of the Presidents death. Wednesday every place of business was closed and the churches open from 12 until 2 o’clock. All the fronts of buildings are draped in mourning and most all the dwelling houses on the streets. I fashioned black and white in my front windows and trimmed two flags with black and put them each side of the front door, not a great deal but the best I could. Some of the houses here are trimmed very handsomely.

John wants father to go into the Middlesex journal office and tell them to stop his paper and send the bill down to him. He thinks it is not worth while to take it any longer it is so pore. So you must write the news instead. Eliza is down to her mother’s visiting. I expect her up here tomorrow. Mrs. Emerson was here yesterday afternoon and spent the afternoon, I must close now for it is getting late and Mamie is fussing about going to bed.

Write soon as you can. Give my love to all the folks, from your aff. sister, C.L.Page

P.S. I wondered why you did not write last week but I happened to think I’s suppose you were so delighted to see your father White and mother in law that you forgot all about me so I will excuse you this time.

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