Carolyn’s Letter #5 May 19th, 1865

Quincy May 19th 1865

Dear Sister,

I am trying to write a few lines, but Alice is fretting so I don’t know whether I shall succeed. We have had a very stormy week, Tuesday and Wednesday. It was warm as July and Wednesday night we had a heavy thunder shower. It began about 8 o’clock and lasted till about 1 in the morning.

John was down in town when it came up and he met with quite an accident. He started to come home a little after 8 o’clock it was very dark and he had crossed over the street and was turning round the corner opposite the Unitarian church to come up Washington Street. He was just by the board fence by Mr. Nightingale’s corner opposite Mr. Hayden’s apothecary shop when a horse and buggy came full drive down the street and struck him and the buggy passed over him. but did not break any bones. It struck him over his right shoulder and went over his side and stomach but he is considerably better to day so that he has been to the shop. but is it had been a heavy team he would not have escaped so narrowly. He heard the team coming and hollered to the man and the horse held up but the driver whipped him and went right on without stopping to see if he had done any hurt.

I had 4 papers from California Wednesday night. There were daily papers and and were relating to the Presidents death. I am coming up before long and cant really tell first the time but I shall pop in one of these days. Would you like to have Emily come  up a day or two when I come.

You have spoken about it several times I thought that she would like to, I must close for it is supper time and I don’t know as you can read this.


P.S. You will find enclosed $3.00. 1.50 is to pay for the Middlesex Journal The rest is for you to pay for the yarn that you have bought. I want father to facture (?) for the paper and get the receipt and when I come up can get it.

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