Carolyn’s Letter #3 Dec.25, 1864

Quincy  Dec. 25, 1864

Dear Sister,

I am writing under difficulties for Alice is crying in the cradle, and Mamie at my elbow is threatening to inspect the ink bottle, but I thought I must write a few lines to let you know how we got over Christmas, I must leave off now and take the baby.

The children have got still and I will try again. Mamie hung up her stocking Christmas night, and got it full. Her father bought her a very handsome set of furs, white with black spots, lined with blue silk, all quilted beautifully. They are a collar which comes down to her shoulders and a snuff. They cost 8 dollars, Then he bought her some little playthings which he paid 2 cents a piece for at Lalamis (?) in Boston. They were quite pretty a little cradle, a little rocking horse, and a wooden coffee pot, and a little doll. He intended part of them for Alice but as they were painted, I didn’t dare to give them to her for you know everything must go to the young lady’s mouth, painted or not. Then sister Mary sent two pictures book through the P. Office. They are very pretty, they are printed on cloth with oil colored pictures. So I gave them “The House that Jack Built” to Alice and “Mother Goose” and Simple Simon to Mamie. The presents you see were confined to the children.

Sunday Joseph Joths (?) were down to Father PAges and we went down there to dinner and they came up here for supper. Mother Page and father went over to Eliza’s Monday morning to spend the day with her. I looked for some of you down Saturday night.

It was so pleasant, I didn’t know but father might come down. last night there was a Leevee in aid of the soldiers, John and I went down but did not have a very good time, there were not a great many there that I knew , I saw Mr. Joyce and Susan. Susan is going to work in Lynn running a sewing machine. They had music at the Dance by the Quincy Brass Band and the Quincy Choral Society. The music and singing was the best part of it. Emily went down last week and had five teeth out. She is quite  snad(?)  now I was surprised this afternoon by Mr. <esthe (?). who got here first at noon and staid here to dinner. He came down in answers to an advertisement in this Herald. for a cutter, by Nathan White of Quincy. Whether he will succeed in getting the place I do not know I suppose you will find out sooner than I shall. for he is going back this afternoon. It would be funny if he should come down here to live wouldn’t it. I bought  at last a cushion at the Leance (?) night, which I sent up to mother by Mr.Leatho. for a Christmas Present. If I had known he was coming, I would have had something for the rest of you. I must leave now for it is getting later,

Write as soon as you can. to your aff (?) sister.

P.S. I want you to look and see if I left my breakfast cape up there.I suppose I did for I wore it up.I didn’t know but it might have  got hung up in the north attire closet or somwhere round the house. for I did not wear it home.


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