The Lincoln Family

My Grandfather, who poo-pooed genealogy, has some pretty interesting lines.  My Grandmother wanted me to trace Grampy’s line whether he wanted it or not.(hehe) So whenever I find something interesting, I know Grammy is cheering me on.

My Grampy, Alfred Balentine, descends from the Famous Lincoln family of Hingham, Mass.  We actually come from three brothers of the same Lincoln family. And the house of one of them is noted with a sign as it still stands. Samuel Lincoln’s home is still there for the visiting. People do live there, so unless you knock and make quick friends, they probably aren’t expecting you.

Also worth noting, Abraham Lincoln descends from this same family. I usually don’t note cousins but I have a reason. When I traveled to Hingham for picture taking, I was pleasantly surprised to find a statue of Abraham Lincoln in front of the land of my ancestors.

The Town Green upon which the statue sits is of course LIncoln Street, Hingham, Mass.

LIncoln Street, Hingham,Mass

Here is the home of Samuel Lincoln,our direct Grandfather.It was originally a large farm. We also descend from two of Samuel’s brothers.

Samuel LIncoln House

Here is a close up of the sign noting the homestead.

Samuel Lincoln House Sign

Here is a close up of the Abraham Lincoln Statue. You can see how closely it resembles the one in Washington.

Abraham Lincoln Statue Closeup

Here is a closeup of the base so you can read the inscription.

Base of Abraham Lincoln Statue

This is a great shot of the statue and the grounds that surround it. He is purposely facing the homestead of his Ancestral Grandparents.

Large view of Abraham Lincoln Statue

And here is me with Abraham at our shared Grandfathers homestead.

Abraham LIncoln Statue and Me in HIngham,Mass

Paul thought me touching Abraham’s foot would be a good shot. It is for some reason I can’t explain.

I checked and Abraham Lincoln was 5 generations from our shared Grandfather. That’s a lot but we do share ancestral Grandparents. And it is said that the Samuel Lincoln family lived in the house for 7 generations. That means that when Abraham was President, his cousins were here living in the house of his Great, Great, Great Grandfather.


And here is the North Church also at the same town green. One of the founders of the church was Gen. Benjamin Lincoln, a cousin. The original settlers all attended the Old Ship Church but when expansion came upon them, this church was built as an additional church and built near the Lincoln farm.

I think family history stays alive easier when you have real places to visit and can say, “Hey, my Grandfather lived there!”

Here are a few facts.


  • I am 13 generations from Samuel Lincoln.Read about him here.
  • Abraham Lincoln and I share a Great, Great, Great Grandfather. (I know, pretty far but some people like to know)
  • The Lincoln House in Hingham, Mass is the land of my 13th generation Grandfather. build by my cousin, Samuel 3rd.
  • My Lincoln ancestors were founders of the North Church in Hingham, Mass.
  • Read about the history of the church here
  • But First Samuel was an original founder of the historic Old Ship Church in Hingham Mass. A future post awaits this famous place.

Here is my line to Samuel Lincoln.

Me > Ruth Balentine > Alfred Balentine > Laura May Whitman b. 1896 >Alfred w. Whitman b.1871 > Ada V. Bates b.1855 > Lewis D. Bates b. 1836 > Phineas Bates b. 1790 > Zealous Bates b. 1754 > Grace Lincoln b. 1725 > Elisha Lincoln b. 1699 > Samuel Lincoln b. 1650, Samuel Lincoln b.1621 who immigrated in 1637.



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