Old Burial Hill

98.09.19_021I am putting together my summer Family History Tour. Another place I have chosen is Marblehead, Mass. I descend from Rev. William Walton and his daughter Elizabeth. Old Burial Hill is the location of his church. I am excited to check out the location for myself. I looked at photos online and it is so incredibly picturesque. I can’t wait to go. They have a great website with lots of information.


There is the website. Please take a look. They have an index of gravestones, which is very helpful. I don’t see Walton on the list but then I don’t see anyone mis 1600’s. But I do that this was the site of his church. It will be very exciting to stand on that site.

My Lineage to Rev.William Walton

Me > Ruth Balentine b. 1939 >Alfred Balentine b. 1919>Laura Whitman b1895. >Charles Whitman b. >Elijah Whitman b. 1762 > Nicholas Whitman b. 1731 > Mary Conant b. 1694 > William Conant b. 1665/6 > Elizabeth Walton b. 1629 > Rev. William Walton b. 1601

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