In planning my history trip, I am choosing locations. I am also taking a peek at each location on Google to see what I can find ahead of my arrival. I am amazed at how little some towns have online. Sometimes there is a blog, but it may or may not be filled with  much information. It does depend on the talents, enthusiasm and afforded time of the webmaster….time being the critical piece.

I checked out Ipswich today to plan my visit there. I have never seen such an impressive community when it comes to presenting their history. Not only have they preserved over 60 buildings but they list them with addresses and owners names in an easy to search format. What a thrill for any family historian!  There is even a post mourning the loss of a building they were not successful in saving.

Please take a look at their website that I am posting here. And if you have the time, take a look at the incredible slideshow of preserved homes, all with addresses and names, of course. Ipswich webmasters and preservationists I salute you!

Ipswich’s Awesome Blog


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