Once again in research I find my Great, Great Grandparents, John and Mary Allen, descend from the same ancestral grandparent line. Their lineage rejoins what separated apart seven generations before. Once you follow along to Dr. Richard and Anne Palgrave, their lineage continues back to Royalty.

The two woman that I typed in red were sisters, Sara and Mary Palgrave. Also worth noting that John and Mary Allen rejoin the lineage of Mary Palgrave and her sister Sara who married a John….ok, a tiny point but interesting to have the same names….was Mary Palgrave suppose to marry John Alcock and it took 7 generations for her to make things right?….(tucking my imagination safely back…

But there is another eery coincidence. There are 7 generations in the lineage between my Great, Great Grandparents John and Mary Allen and the Palgrave sisters, Sara and Mary Palgrave. Their father Richard Palgrave then follows for 7 generations to Elizabeth Fitz Alan b.1374 and then the line splits again and then rejoins 5 generations later to Henry 3. So, the math?. The line is joined, separates for 7 generation, remains joined for 7 generations and then separates for 5 generations. and rejoins.


Below is my Lineage to Royalty in two routes.…(citations missing but everything is taken from Massachusetts Vital Records book and actual certificates)

  • Myself through Sara Palgrave to Dr.Richard Palgrave

Myself> Ruth Balentine b. 1939> Sara Kohler b.> Inez Vinton Allen b.1889>John Vinton Allen b.1856>Abijah Allen b.1822> Sara Allen b.1781> Col. William Allen b.1746> Mary Hunt b.1717 >Dea. William Hunt b.1692> Joanna Alcock b. 1660> Sara Palgrave b. 1626/7 (who married Dr. John Alcock) > Dr Richard Palgrave *

  • Myself through Mary Palgrave to Dr.Richard Palgrave

Myself> Ruth Balentine b. 1939> Sara Kohler  b.> Inez Vinton Allen b.1889> Mary Caroline Page b.  1861> John Page Jr. b.1834>John Page Sr b. 1810> Capt Benjamin Page b. 1781> Sara Brown b. 1747> Dea. Benjamin Brown b. 1720>Ruhannah Wellington b.1681> Benjamin Wellington> Mary Palgrave b.1618> Dr Richard Palgrave b. 1580-85 *

(Following citations missing- all taken from published books on Royalty lineages, please don’t use me as a resource, us me as a tool to do your own work)

Dr Richard Palgrave b. 1580-85 *> Rev Edward Palgrave b. 1/21/1540 > Thomas Palgrave > Anne Glenham (wife of Henry Palgrave Birmingham, Eng) > Eleanor Brandon > Elizabeth Wingfield > Elizabeth Gousall b. 1402 > Elizabeth Fitz Alan b. 1374 *>

* Elizabeth Fitz Alen b.1374 > Richard Fitz Alen b. 1346 > Eleanor of Lancaster b.before 1322 > Henry, Earl of Lancaster b. 1281 > Edmund Crouchback b.1245 > King Henry 3 and Eleanor of Provence

* Elizabeth Fitz Alen b.1374 > Elizabeth De Bohun > William De Bohun >Elizabeth b. > King Edward 1 b. 1239 > King Henry 3 and Eleanor of Provence

The following is the continues lineage through William the Conquerer and beyond. The wives of each lead to other Royals from other countries as the Royals married each other for many reasons including political. I have provided the WIKI links for your futher research.


  • King Edward 1. King of England from 1272 to 1307. I descend from his daughter Elizabeth.
  • Henry III (1 October 1207 – 16 November 1272), also known as Henry of Winchester, was King of England, Lord of Ireland and Duke of Aquitaine from 1216 until his death.
  • King John, King of England from 6 April 1199 until his death in 1216.
  • King Henry 2,Read about him here 
  • (It is through Henry 2’s mother, Empress Matilda, daughter of King Henry 1, that our lineage continues).
  • King Henry 1, King of England from 1100 to 1135, read about him here. Henry was the fourth son of William the Conqueror
  • William 1, usually known as William the Conqueror and sometimes William the Bastard,[2][a] was the first Norman King of England, reigning from 1066 until his death in 1087.
  • Robert the Magnificent, Duke of Normandy. Read about him here.Robert the Magnificent as part of the Six Dukes of Normandy statue in the town square of Falaise.
  • Richard II, Duke of Normandy. Read about him here. he has a statue hin his honor.Richard the Good as part of the “Six Dukes of Normandy” statue in the town square of Falaise.
  • Richard 1 the Fearless, Count of Rouen. Read about him here.Richard the Fearless as part of the Six Dukes of Normandy statue in the town square of Falaise. .
  • William Longsword, Duke of Normandy. Read about him here.Statue of William Longsword, part of the “Six Dukes of Normandy” series in Falaise.Longsword had no children with his wife Luitgarde.[31] He fathered his son, Richard the Fearless, with Sprota [c] who was a Breton captive and his concubine.[32] Richard, then aged 10, succeeded him as Duke of Normandy in December 942
  • Rollo,a Viking who became the first ruler of Normany 911-927.Rollo is first recorded as the leader of these Viking settlers in a charter of 918, and he continued to reign over the region of Normandy until at least 928. He was succeeded by his son, William Longsword in the Duchy of Normandy that he had founded.Rollo on the Six Dukes statue in Falaise town square. Here is a Chart of Normany

Interesting wives

  • Eleanor of Aquitaine, married to King Henry 2, was originally married to the King Louis 6 of France. She led armies in the Crusades. She had their marriage annulled when she produced no sons and then married, 8 weeks later King Henry 2. Read about her here
  • Matilda of Scotland (c. 1080 – 1 May 1118), originally christened Edith,[1] was the first wife of King Henry I.Matilda was the daughter of the English princess Saint Margaret and the Scottish King Malcolm III. Read about her here.
  • Isabella of Angoulême  wife of King John, was daughter of Alice of Courtenay, Countess of Angoulême Her family was one of the most illustrious in France; and her paternal grandparents were King Louis VI of France and Adélaide de Maurienne.This lineage takes us through the French Kings. Read about her here.
  • Eleanor of Provence, wife of King Henry 3, her lineage takes us through Peter 2, King of Aragon. Read about her here.
  • Eleanor of Castile, wife of King Edward 1.daughter of Ferdinand III of Castile and Joan, Countess of Ponthieu. her lineage takes us through the Kings of Spain. Read about her here.
  • Matilda of Flanders, wife of King William 1. She descends from King Robert of France. Read about her here.
  • Poppa, wife of Rollo has a statue to remember her here.

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