Whitman Family Photos

The very best way to view these photos is to click on the first  photo and its original version will pop up with descriptive text. Then use the arrows on the side of the photos to slide to the next photo.

2 thoughts on “Whitman Family Photos

  1. Laura Whitman was my great grandmother, Isabelle my grandmother, my mom Rose Ann Price. I know very little about the Balentine family. Other than I was told Bill Balentine was half Indian, named himself after his favorite ale and feared photographs because they may trap his soul. These pictures disprove that. And that Laura died of TB. Who knows. I enjoyed looking at these pictures. Good luck with your work.

    1. Hello,
      You’re reply made me laugh out loud about Bill. My Grandfather, Alfred said that his father, Bill was a hilarious jokester.Those statements sound like something he would say. One of the family photos shows Bill posing with a Dress form,my grandfather said that Bill would say it was the only date he could get.lol.
      Laura did die of TB. I have more photos of her and information. She will have her own page written soon. Her sisters are in a few of the photos as well.
      I have always been told that the Balentine Genealogy was already done but I have yet to see it and now wonder what “done” really means. I have begun some preliminarily investigation to recreate that work.
      I had heard there was Indian in the family but my Maternal Grandmother who had done some investigation told me that someone back many generations married an Indian and then was shunned from the family, that we did not directly descend from them.

      Nice to hear from you!

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