The Cowie Family

I have only begun to research and assemble this history. I will list in bulleted form what I have learned so far as that keeps me organized as I collect information. Please check back occasionally as I add and finally write a narrative history. You can like the FaceBook page and then will get notifications when something is added or finished.

  • Alexander Cowie died in 1921. He immigrated to America in 1905.
  • Mary Donald, Alex’s wife died March,1954 in Quincy, Mass
  • Jane Cowie, their daughter and our ancestral grandmother was born Feb.2,1903 in Scotland, immigrated to Barre,Vermont in 1913, became a citizen in 1915, as did the entire family at that time.
  • 1920 Census
  • 1910 census shows Alexander as a boarder working as a stone cutter.
  • You can see family photos on The Whittall Cowie Photo page.

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