The Whipple House

I finally got to visit the Whipple House.The Whipples are the line that takes me through Lexington by way of the Lanes and Pages. They are my Revolutionary War ancestors.


This is the home of my Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandparents Elder John and Susannah Whipple. It is a historic colonial house at 53 South Main Street in Ipswich, Massachusetts. Built in the seventeenth century, the house has been open to the public as a museum since 1899, and was the subject of some of the earliest attempts at the preservation of colonial houses. It was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1960, one of the earliest properties to receive that honor.To have my grandparents home still standing and cared for as a museum is so rare indeed.

Whipple Home 8

I was, of course drawn to the garden that has been added to represent a kitchen garden appropriate to the time.

Whipple Home 10

The back view has been updated for an apartment for the caretaker. I’m sure the skylight isn’t original as well as the plumbing.:)

Whipple Home 9

Here is the view from the street. The windows are gorgeous. You can see the addition that was added to the original structure

Whipple Home 7

I have a bed just like this, including the fishnet canopy. It made me feel connected to my past. That and I still sleep on my Great Grandmother’s feather pillow.

Whipple Home 6

Here is the living room, fireplace and doors all intact.

Whipple Home 4 (2)

These are not toys but replicas of the stages of the home’s growth.

Whipple Home 2

Here is the front of the house, shot through the kitchen garden.

Whipple home 2 (2)

I was thrilled to walk through the home of my ancestral grandparents. If you also descend from The Whipples, check out the house here and I hope you visit. The Whipple Home

The link to the museum information…

The Whipple Website….

The History of Ipswich mentions the Whipple home and has wonderful photographs and information.

My Lineage

Myself> Ruth Balentine b. 1939> Sara Kohler  b.> Inez Vinton Allen b.1889> Mary Caroline Page b.1861> John Page Jr. b.1834>John Page Sr b. 1810> Capt Benjamin Page b. 1781> Nathaniel Page b. 1742> John  Page b. 1704 > Susannah Lane b. 1683 > Susannah Whipple b. 1662 >  John Whipple (the Immigrant) b. 1625 > John Whipple (the elder) b. 1596 > Matthew Whipple b. 1560> Thomas Whipple b. 1510  > Thomas Whipple b. 1475.


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