The Winthrop Society

The Winthrop Society is for those who arrived in 1630 from England as passengers of The Winthrop Fleet. These people were not Pilgrims but Puritans. There are distinct differences and worthy of another discussion at another time. In my research I bump into a number of descendants from this ship,but I joined this Society based on my descent from Dr. Richard and Anne Palgrave.

Here is my Lineage.

Myself> Ruth Balentine b. 1939> Sara Kohler  b.> Inez Vinton Allen b.1889> Mary Caroline Page b.  1861> John Page Jr. b.1834>John Page Sr b. 1810> Capt Benjamin Page b. 1781> Sara Brown b.  1747> Dea. Benjamin Brown b. 1720>Ruhannah Wellington b.1681> Benjamin Wellington> Mary Palgrave b.1618> Dr Richard Palgrave b. 1580-85

You can join the Winthrop Society and contact them on their website,

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