Interesting to know that the first two Doctors I mention were related. Dr Richard Palgrave’s daughter Sara married Dr. John Alcock. The two doctors, father and son-in-law, came to America together with their families. The two woman that I typed in red were sisters.Once again, my Great, Great Grandparents, John and Mary Allen, each descended from the same ancestral grandparent. This time they each descended from Dr Richard and Anne Palgrave.

  • Dr. John Alcock b/ 1626 in England

Myself> Ruth Balentine b. 1939> Sara Kohler b.> Inez Vinton Allen b.1889>John Vinton Allen b.1856>Abijah Allen b.1822> Sara Allen b.1781> Col. William Allen b.1746> Mary Hunt b.1717 >Dea. William Hunt b.1692> Joanna Alcock b. 1660> Dr. John Alcock b. 1626/7  (married Sara Palgrave)

  • Dr. Richard Palgrave

Myself> Ruth Balentine b. 1939> Sara Kohler  b.> Inez Vinton Allen b.1889> Mary Caroline Page b.  1861> John Page Jr. b.1834>John Page Sr b. 1810> Capt Benjamin Page b. 1781> Sara Brown b.  1747> Dea. Benjamin Brown b. 1720>Ruhannah Wellington b.1681> Benjamin Wellington> Mary Palgrave b.1618> Dr Richard Palgrave b. 1580-85 > Rev Edward Palgrave b. 1/21/1540


Dr. Thomas Boylston was the first physician in Brookline, Massachusetts…lineage to follow…


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