Scanning Documents

I have the original Allen Gazette, written by my family in 1917. I have planned to retype it into a PDF and load the link here on the blog. But in doing so, I lose the look of the original. But I also need it legible. I spent hours working on this balance, honestly hours.

in the end I decided to scan in all 20 pages. I added them in order onto the page here entitled The Original Allen Gazette. My hope is that people can save each page to their own computer to either read or print. This allows relatives to have their own copy.

Reading it over, I see an issue. It’s a recurrent issue all historians need to address. Who is everyone? I know Parker A. is Parker Allen, my great ,great uncle. But this could very quickly become the proverbial box of untitled photographs. I need to identify who each person is. This will also allow family members to know from whom they are related.

But at least for now, the original Allen Gazette is uploaded on this blog and available for reading. And as the title page states, Long Live The Allen Gazette!!! I bet they never thought it would live a near 100 years!

Read it here



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