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I found Jemina Allen. She has been one of my most puzzling road blocks. She showed up as a wife on my maternal side. She was the wife of Ebenezer Newcomb. Documentation states she was born in Bridgewater,Mass. But where? to whom? We could not find documentation proof. It felt like a dead end.

The added difficulty was that we have a vast amount of information on the Allen Family settling in Braintree,Mass. There were Jeminas there but not one matched the one we searched.

Today I solved the lineage.

Samuel Allen came to America and landed in Braintree in1632 being a first settler there. I descend from Samuel’s second wife Margaret French, through their son Joseph b. 1650. This line is complete and well documented.

But Jemina Allen has proven a second line to the Immigrant Samuel Allen. Upon further research, Samuel Allen came to America originally with first wife Ann Whitmore in 1632. Their first child was born that same year, Samuel Allen.Jr. When Samuel Jr. married Sara Patridge from Duxbury, they moved to Bridgewater and became one of the first settlers there. The East Bridgwater Library, I am told, has a plaque in his honor.(trip planned)

This is significant due to the Pratt Farm (trip planned). Pratt Farm is said to be the land that Nehemiah Allen sold to the Pratt family. There is mention of Nehemiah being the original owner of the land, in fact it was willed to him by his father, Samuel Allen Jr..Jemina Allen is the great granddaugher of Samuel Allen of Bridgewater, the original owner of the Pratt Farm. It is now conservation land. We can walk it knowing our heritage is there.

Confused? I’m about to make it worse.Here are three lineages to Samuel Allen, the immigrant. Jemina’s line is the third. I have highlighted in red the differences. The two Braintree lines are nearly the same except for 4 generations.

Two Braintree Lines…

Susannah (me)>Ruth Balentine> Sara Kohler>Inez Vinton Allen b.1889>John Vinton Allen b.1856>Abijah Allen b.1822>Abijah Allen b.1787> Jacob Allen b. 1754> Abijah Allen b.1726> Joseph Allen b. 1671>Dea. Joseph Allen b. 1650 > Samuel Allen b. 1598 U.K.

Susannah (me)>Ruth Balentine> Sara Kohler>Inez Vinton Allen b.1889>John Vinton Allen b.1856>Abijah Allen b.1822>Sara Allen b.1781> Col. William Allen b. 1746 > Thomas Allen b.1711> Benjamin Allen b. 1679>Dea. Joseph Allen b. 1650 > Samuel Allen b. 1598 U.K.

Bridgewater Line…….

Susannah (me)>Ruth Balentine> Sara Kohler>Inez Vinton Allen b.1889> Mary Page b.1861> John Page Jr b.1834> Mary Newcomb b. 1809> Capt. John Newcomb b.1761> Jemina Allen b. 1732> Jacob Allen b. 1702> Ebenezer Allen b. 1674> Samuel Allen Jr. B. 1632> Samuel Allen b. 1598 U.K.


FYI – I underlined Mary Page and John Allen . They married and if I calculated correctly, were cousins 4th removed.

FYI- I get to say that both my Great, Great Grandparents descend from Samuel Allen the immigrant. Mary Page descndes from Samel Allen’s first wife,Ann and John Vinton Allen descends from Samuel Allen’s second wife, Margaret. Isn’t it interesting that a line from each wife married 7 generations later.


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  1. This is great work Susannah! Very,very interesting. I can appreciate the time and effort it takes to put this together.
    Thank you,
    Uncle Bruce

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