My Map Links

My Map Page

I have two lists here. One is a list of maps that show an actual ancestor home. The second list is a collection of links that hold maps for me and you to explore. I a m particularly looking for maps that have owners names next to the address. If you find a broken link, let me know!

Maps of Ancestors

  • Old  the link to the Braintree map I like for my Braintree/Weymouth families.
  • Historic   another link to more Braintree maps. I learned it’s important to view as many as you can as people are not always listed on all maps.
  • Manuscript map #1 of Old Bridgewater for my Whitman family research.
  • Manuscript map #2 of Old Bridgewater for my Whitman family research.

Maps I want to explore.

  • Old  Their general site to see everything they have. Nicest presentation of maps I have found online.
  • Historic It looks wonderful and filled with maps that show names. I hope to peruse further and find other ancestor homes.
  • Massachusetts Historical Society Map collection with live links to each map
  • Map of Taverns in Braintree and Weymouth from the Massachusetts Historical Society
  • Map of Boston and Vicinity. From Old, this is a full book and each page has a different town. The problem is it is a very poor quality and difficult to read names no matter what I do. This makes it practically useless and such a waste but I can almost make out some names. I am keeping this as a refence in hopes of finding a good downloaded version that I can read.