John Newcomb

[add_pedigree id = “7”] [spouses id = “7”]   SOURCES 1) The American Genealogist 61(1985):111-114 2) New England Marriages Prior to 1700

John Newcomb

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Ebenezer Newcomb

[add_pedigree id = “4”] [spouses id = “4”] See the Book below, Page 417.

Ruth Laura Balentine

[add_pedigree id = “3”] Ruth has extensive American history and culture through both her grandmothers, Laura and Inez.

Trialing: writing easy to follow lineage

When you trace many family lines, it is interesting when they cross each other. There weren’t that many people in New England, so after 12 generations of people who remained in the same place, you are bound to have families that marry into each other a number of times.. I am still experimenting with format here on this blog. I…

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Carolyn’s Letter #2 June 19th, 1864

Quincy, June 19th, 1864 Dear Sister, I received your letter last night and was glad to hear from you. We are all well. Mamie has been out to walk with her father tonight and when she was coming home, Mr. Drake’s folks were out on the doorstep and they called her into the yard and she staid a good while…

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