My paternal side is rich with Scotch and German. But my maternal side has its share of each as well. My Great Great Grandmother was alive until I was 12. Her husband had long passed so I never knew him. I had no connection emotionally to him as I did her.

Now as I fill in my chart, he interests me. Inez, well known and well researched, married a man 11 years her senior named Henry Kohler. Henry was born in this country. Checking census records, I find that in 1930, when Henry was 51 and Inez was 40, Henry’s father John was 77 and lived with them.


John Kohler came from Germany. The information provided through my Grandmother and her sister tell me that John and his brother escaped a German war and came to America without records. I now have Kohlers and Herschel. to follow. Except for a Spaniard, these Germans are my only ancestor  that sailed here from someplace other them Great Britain.

I long for the day when I travel to NEHGS library. My German ancestors roots wait me.

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