Mary Caroline Page Allen

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My name is Mary Caroline Page. I was born in Woburn, Massachusetts on Christmas Day in 1861. I was my parents first child. They had been married for 2 years and were 27 and 24 years old. My sister Alice would come 2 years later.

Here I am in this photo. I am seated and Alice is standing. The photo is dated “about 1872” but I don’t look 11 in this photo.

Page, Mary and Alice 1872 photoshopped

We also moved to Quincy at that time and bought a great big house with a barn in the middle of town at 178 Washington Str., Quincy, Mass

Page Home,178 Washington St,Quincy,MA

My Dad ran a Tannery business in our barn. You can see him standing in front of the barn. Our house was a large traditional cape with a picket fence and lots of gardens and shrubs. My Mother had a maid for household help. My father bought me fur coats when I was little and I liked running into the neighbors yard to visit. It is mentioned in my Mother’s letters and I would be carried screaming back home. I was also nicknamed Mamie.

When I was 5, my mother got pneumonia and died. Alice was only two. Her sister kept my mothers letters and gave them to me when I was older so I could remember her. (They are published in this blog as Carolyn’s Letters)

When I was 19, I married John Vinton Allen, he was 5 years older than me. He also lived in Quincy and was from a family that had been here since our country began. John was an inventor and book maker. We bought a house at 658 Main Street, South Weymouth, Mass. I lived in that house for the rest of my life.

John and I had four children; Mary Page, Inez Vinton, Ruth and a son Parker. Parker is the maiden name of my Mother. Inez Vinton, is named for two of John’s Great Grandmothers. (Each of which must have held special importance to him) Inez is John’s Great grandmother who escaped Spain, Inez De Gonzales. And Vinton is the family name of Johns other great Grandmother, Hepzibah Vinton. (At this time I am unsure of the significance of the other two children’s names). Here is a photo of my backyard with 3 of my children; Inez and Parker in the foreground and Ruth in the background.

Inez Allen Kohler,her brother Francis Parker Allen at weymout

I was known for my gardening. I had lots of shrubbery, flowers and vegetable gardens. I also quilted, and my great, great, great granddaughter has some of my quilts even today. I was an avid reader. I had a reputation for taking many books from the library and reading them quickly, returning for more. There were many books in my house as well as music. John played violin and my daughters played piano. Our living room served venue to many a family concert.

Allen,Mary and John

John and I were married for 50 years and a month.Our 50th wedding anniversary was October 19,1930 and John died November 24,1930. I lived alone without him for 16 more years. Once I passed as well, my granddaughter Sara moved into my house with her young family. She and her husband use to take me to the moving picture shows up town in South Weymouth Landing. I would sit in the front row as I was near blind. But I loved the moving pictures. I was very close to my children and family.Mary Carolyn Page Allen in her library at home.

You can see more photos on my personal photo page, too many to insert here.