Dear Grammy, 8/31/13, part 2

Dear Grammy,

Again, I have shown proof that I am in truth, an under reporter. There is not a few hundred ancestors, as I previously stated, of which I have documented. There is in fact 521 in my current ancestral chart, that excludes the Balentine family chart that of which was already documented for us, my paternal chart, still under research, it also precludes royalty lines, as again, I was not worried about gathering any information regarding those who are already well researched and documented. By the time I am done, we may reach 1000 people? Could that be so? Probably, if not amazingly, if I do have 521 in front of me and I have not cracked open a file as yet of those already researched. We will easily hit 1000 people.

Well, since I do love investigative detective work, photography, organizing and filing, and thank goodness, an inherited love of writing,I shan’t be bored in retirement years. hopefully there will be many.

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