Dear Grammy, 8/31/13

I have finally figured out a directional format for this blog, or really I should refer to it as a body of work, since that is what we did, wasn’t it? Previously I had asked myself this question, how do you take nearly 100 pages of ancestral charts and 6 portable files, each a foot deep and transcribe it all into a body of work that is readable, enjoyable, understandable yet accurate? I have collected for years, as did you. I have tape recordings of grandparents speaking, photos, letters, writings, certificates and more pages than I can count of copied text from ancestral family memoirs.

I think I have found the solution. I have set up my own word press site, but have found a plug in for it that allows me to format people into their line and then add additional text. It is my hope that I can show their own little piece of the family line and then write their story, however much I know of it. I do hope I am in good health as this will take most of my remaining life. At least I am a quick writer and a fairly keen researcher.

Armed with internet access, I am sure I can locate more ancestral homes then you imagined and ties to other family genealogies. How you would have enjoyed today’s accessibility to information. Your genealogical research was spent hoofing around to area town halls and I feel quite gifted to have so much at my fingertips. I traipse onward in your name. I hope I make you proud.

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