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I am the 14th Generation of grandchildren of John and Priscilla Alden. I am enormously proud of my heritage regarding Thanksgiving. Every year. I cook a turkey remembering that I come from the original Feasters and one of the original women who cooked and served the meal.

Located at 105 Alden St. Duxbury, MA 02331
Active Museum
Open June 1- September 30.  Wed-Sat. 12:00-4:00 (last tour: 3:30)
The hours are 10 – 5 Mon – Sat and 12 – 5 on Sun. Open Mid-May to Mid-Oct. • 105 Alden St. • (781) 934-9092
Some interesting features of this 1653 building are the powdered clam and oyster shell ceiling in the “great” room, the cambered panels in the “best” room and the gunstock beams found in the chambers.
A quote form the Alden Website, “It would be difficult to write a better summary of the significance of the John Alden House than that written by Dorothy Wentworth in the foreword to her publication, The Alden Family in the Alden House:
“There are houses built in the 17th century, but few have survived without ‘improvements’ such as plumbing, electricity, and modern kitchens. That the property which was granted to the Alden family in the 1620′s has never been owned by any other family is remarkable, if not without parallel among historical sites. Today the property is owned by the family association, the Alden Kindred of America.”
Their website is http://www.alden.org/default.htm

Check out a tour on Utube www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJKaS72K1jY

and also  www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGDii5D60ag

The Alden Website has a complete history but also, also a complete virtual tour of the house gardens and grounds. which is wonderfully done. Enjoy!   http://www.alden.org/Virtual%20Tour/tour.htm

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