Surprisingly, I find people that do not research their maternal ancestors. I don’t know how you leave those stones unturned, And it’s not necessarily true that you wont find history written on them.

Massachusetts Quilting.. I was browsing only as I love quilting and like a gift from the heavens, I saw a quilt by Deborah Hobart. It mentions a few facts of her family allowing me to cross reference and Lo and behold, it is a photograph of a small quilt that my ancestral grandmother made with reference to its location. The day felt worthwhile and gifted.

As I research another maternal name, popping into Google their names to see what pops up, I typed Elizabeth Hawthorne. I not only found additional resources that state she was the sister of the infamous hanging judge during the Salem Witch trials but I started to wonder. Elizabeth would have been early 40’s during that time. Certainly not a child, she must have been deeply, entrenched in the gossip, talk and drama that played out. I had to wonder what it must have been like for her, on one hand being part of a family seeking out and hanging witches, and also being a women, was she afraid of being accused?

I have collected dates and facts for years. I am thrilled to be at the point of collecting history and stories. I was taught to focus on the paternal names but luckily I will continue to find information on my ancestral Grandmothers. I press onward.

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