Nicholas Byram

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Nicholas Byram was born in Ireland in 1610 after his parents moved from England. When Nicholas was 16, his father sent him back to England to stay with friends.

Legand #1- Those friends stole his money and sold him off to indenturehood to the West Indies.After Nicholas served his indenturehood, he headed up the North American coast, and landed in first Virginia, then Weymouth.

Legand #2 Nicholas was kidnapped by sailors from England and brought to West Indies, where he escaped to the north.

No matter the history, he landed and settled in Weymouth when he was 28 years old. He must have had money with him as he bought land and made a home.He then married Susannah Shaw from Dedham. They lived in Weymouth 24 years and had 8 children. His second child, Abigail, married Thomas Whitman, the son of the immigrant John Whitman.

Nicholas remained in Weymouth for 24 years and worked as a physician. I wondered how he received such a degree during indenture hood, overseas travel, landing in Weymouth, alone in the world, but according to Weymouth Historical Society, there was no governing body at that time, nor Medical school. anyone could become a Doctor. I suppose you would have to be somewhat good or no one would seek out your care. Nicholas remained there for 24 years.

In 1662, Nicholas was a group of three men who negotiated a land purchase from the Indians known as The Titicut purchase. After which, Nicholas moved his family to East Bridgewater, Massachusetts, including his daughter Abigail and her Husband Thomas Whitman. He gave them there own tract of land upon which to build a home. Nicholas must have remained in good standing with the Indians as according to history, his was the only home not burned down during raids, nor were his apple orchards . (Maybe it was Abigails apple pies???). 


  • Deliverance b.1636 Weymouth. d.1720
  • Abigail b.1637 Weymouth  d 1712
  • Nicholas b.1640 Plymouth (?) d…….. 1727
  • Ebenezer b.1642 weymouth
  • Experience b.1649 Weymouth d. 1712
  • Susannah b.1648 d.1743 Bridgewater
  • Mary b.1650 Weymouth


FYI -When Nicholas died 1668, he had acquired 500 acres of land. When added to the land our Whitman ancestors owned, along with oour Allen ancestors, we owned much of East Bridgewater.



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