The Child’s Gem, a book now 169 yrs old

Finally I get to have a day to upload the important things that my family saved to pass down through the generations.

This little book, The Child’s Gem is dated 1845. Inside the pages is my Great, Great, Grandmother Caroline Lucinda Parker Page’s signature. She would have been 8 years old when this book was published. As it was in her possession, we can assume her daughters read it as well. The book is mostly intact and now 169 years old. It is near 100 pages. I chose the more prominent ones to photograph for you.

I did find the book for sale on a rare book site, Abe for purchase and reading. Here are the photos that I took for you.

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You will notice the photograph of the back page is a dark yellow. I photoshopped it to offer a higher level of contrast, hoping that it enables you to see the writing on the page. It is hard to see the pencil marks are fading. I need to get advice on preserving our family treasures.


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