The Marble Game

I recently acquired The Marble game. It has been in my family for generations. As a child,I saw it on rare guarded occasions. I don’t remember ever being allowed to touch it. Maybe I had.  But now as an adult, I own it. It is mine to care for and protect and find the right person to whom to pass it.

What I know is that it is handmade by John Vinton Allen when he was a married adult. Since he married Mary Page in 1880, and later John passed in 1930, I have a 50 year window. With no markings on the piece, I am left to make safe assumptions. I can safely say that the piece was made around the turn of the century. That makes it well over 100 years old.

The Marble Game 1

Today when my grandchildren visited, I took it out and showed it to them. It was so satisfying to see them handle and play with something that was made by their Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather. I love honoring the past and celebrating the future.

The Marble Game 2

Josie and Andrew are the 7th generation to play with The Marble Game. I love that. I hope Grampa Allen loves it,too.

The Marble Game 3

I look forward to sharing more family treasures.

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