Overview of Information

When you are following many lines at once, they can show you pictures of the information. You have an impression of who lived where and when from each line. You find ancestral neighbors, you find families that married into and out of each others lines.

Mostly in my fathers family, people showed up from far away and made a home here. But my maternal Grandparents, Alfred and Sara Balentine, they have the interesting historical trail. Their ancestors circled each other for generations. Where Alfred descends from an original settler in East Bridgewater,Thomas Whitman, Sara descends from an original East Bridgewater settler as well, Samuel Allen. They were even neighbors.

They did not marry into each others line as many did, they just danced around each other for generations. Their line did not come together until Alfred and Sara met at Island Grove, Abington,Mass.

As neighbors in an isolated newly build town, they must have shared concerns, talked and participated in the building of the town. It’s interesting to me to think that my grandparents shared so much in their pasts, yet unknown to them.


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