Ancestors Trails

I run into a lot of people while researching. I hear lots of stories of people and their travels while searching for their roots. I, myself, have lots of grandparents found. I have hundreds of relatives on my charts. Except for a few Germans and a Spaniard, everyone else comes from England. I have not had reason to experience the genealogy travels that other have.

When my ancestors landed, it was always somewhere along the Massachusetts coastline. From there, they moved inland, again to actually few places; Plymouth/Bridgewater, Weymouth, Concord/Lexington, Salem and Gloucester, Quincy/Braintree.

I think until I came along, for 14 generations we landed and lived in Massachusetts. Well, except that my Grandparents left to retire in Maine. Two uncles left to find work elsewhere. Myself and a brother moved to live differently. Or as in moving to Vermont, I was actually looking to live closer to how my ancestors lived.

For all the ancestors I have found, I think it’s been relatively simple to find them. We came from England and landed on the Coast of New England. We went inland a bit and built homes and lived for over 12 generations. It’s a commonality that is playing out.

It could be boring except that it was in the beginnings of founding a new country. Building first homes means you are typically mentioned in the town history. You probably held a post. Political drama happened with few people as compared to now, so often we were there or nearby. I am lucky in this search.

Except for my Germans and the Spaniard. They are hard to track. I press onward.


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