Roger Conant of Salem, Massachusettes

It is always very exciting to learn that you come from an ancestor that has a statue or a home or some other tangible piece that you can photograph and say, “Hey! This is my Grandparent!”  I come from not only John Winthrop of Salem, Mass., but Roger Conant as well. Roger Conant has historical markers in that area that I can follow and photograph on this summers genealogical tour. I can’t wait to fill these blog pages with photos, information and lineages that relatives can read about and learn. I am very excited to have so much with which to work!

Here is the WIKI link for more information … for now…. until I finish my official page.

Roger Conant


To see if you share this lineage with me…

Susannah Allen > Ruth Balentine > Alfred Balentine > Laura Whitman > Alfred Whitman >  Charles Whitman > Elijah Whitman > Nicholas Whitman > Mary Conant  > William Conant > Lot Conant > Roger Conant

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